Sunday, February 13, 2011

A New Era For the Press.

While driving through Kentucky in a van full of stinky dudes, we all got into an argument. As you do. One guy said I was impossible to talk to because I presented everything as if I already assumed I had the right answers. "First," I said, "I don't always have the right answers. And second, any idiot would agree that..." and I continued to press my point with crushing logic.

My wife and I met with our pastor and his wife over the course of a few months for pre-marital counseling. During one meeting, he had us discuss how we argue. Turns out I'm a persuader. Our pastor told us my ability to persuade isn't wrong, but I need to learn how to use it with humility and grace.

Next month, 'Am-ha'aretz Press will have lasted three years. In that time, I have written (or at least done my best to write) two essays a month about what I have learned in prayer and study. Not a bad format. Better, I think, than some who write about their cat (System of a Meow) or about how much they dislike their classmate in homeroom (John-what's-his-name Memorial High School Rumor Hub).

But now I'm wondering if my format, by default, shuts down conversations because of the way I present it. On a few occasions, I've opened the floor for reader interaction. Once in a great while I'll get a response. Most of the time, I hear from my parents, Dan, or Julia (my Facebook fan). But I want to see something more.

I want to see people get something more.

So here's my proposal. I'm going to continue posting about things I learn in prayer and study, but put up my thoughts and questions on the topic in more readable doses. Instead of writing as if I'd finished another book for you to read, I'm going to post part of my thought process about what I plan to write in the future. That way you can have a hand in what I learn and address.

I also want to increase the frequency of posts. Maybe four times a month to start. Maybe a couple times a week in the future. Who knows...

If weblogs are the future of public discourse, I'd better learn from my Kentucky road trip and allow one of you a word once in a while.


Sarah said...

surprisingly, i read the entire post this time! (i say that only because i have told you on various occasions that i never believe i can read all the way through one of your posts.) way to go, isaiah, for a non-threatening, non-overwhelming passage for a girl who mostly likes to read snippets here and there. :)

mem said...

Good. Now the Spirit of God will exponential expand His revelations in each reader, His point in each one. I get excited about this style of teaching. I use it at the W and see faces light up and start a]speaking.

Katie Gregory said...

Just wanted to let you know I somehow got "Something Simple" stuck in my head just now and googled your name... found your blog.

I'm currently going through marriage counseling, and we've been talking a lot about communication. I think my fiance is also a persuader! For me, feelings come before logic, but he insists that I always have something to back up what I say.

Anyhow, just wanted to say hope you're doing well. I think an interactive blog is a great idea :)

Isaiah Kallman said...

Hey Katie! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Thanks for looking me up. Not a whole lot of Isaiah Kallmans in the world, thankfully.

Feel free to chime in anytime you like.