Friday, August 22, 2008

What Do You Mean "It's A Ministry"?

For the past few months, or maybe two weeks after I started this weblog, I've viewed my writing here as exercise. Between writing my new book and a graphic novel (you heard me), I write about something completely unrelated just to stay in shape, so to speak. Sometimes those other projects have peripheral subjects that inspire the posts, but are otherwise unrelated. The point is, I very rarely think about 'Am-ha'aretz Press as serious ministry.

This has begun to change, though. When I realized that my parents weren't the only people paying attention, I had a sudden understanding of my responsibility. Recently, I've received emails and phone calls from people in Chicago, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, and Finland all saying how God spoke to them through my weblog.

I want to take this a little more seriously. Not to say I'll be writing here every day. I can't promise that. But I'm inviting you into the process. Here's how. Many of my posts and other writings come as a result of questions raised in conversation. But I live around a lot of busy and driven people, so I spend much of my day alone. (You may have noticed that I don't have a lot of posts. I keep telling myself that quality trumps quantity.) If you have any questions or subjects that you would like me to address, please leave a comment. I'm almost certain that you don't need an account to do so. Adam did this once and it inspired one of my favorite posts.

That's all I wanted to say for now. God has been kicking my ass over a few things, and I'm sure I'll have more to say after we work through some of it. Until then, don't be afraid to tell me you love me.


|] |\ /\/\ | |\ |\| said...

Isaiah. Glad to see you. As you can see via my blog I've been languishing in Blogger since early last year. Glad to see it's picking up some pace.

I miss you, etc. All that smooshy stuff.

Good work on this blog, P.S.

Flesheater said...

Awesome stuff.
I also came to that realization.

And I have a huge problem dealing with he quality/quantity problem...

Some times I feel I post too much of nothing
and other times I feel I just post too little.

leanna jackson said...

um, anyone who says god is kicking their ass about something is probably cool. i like your blog.